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Gamer's Source 6-23-2014 to 6-25-2014

Hello and welcome to the Gamer's Source, your destination for the gaming conversation. CD Projekt Red has it's Google Drive hacked and the next Legend of Zelda may incorporate gameplay that is not single player based. SO, without further ado, the news:


A massive influx of leaked information on The Witcher 3 has been released onto the web. Developer CD Projekt Red recently had it's Google Drive hacked, which contained everything from concept art, maps, story workflows and more. CD Projekt Red has released warnings, stating that there is a whole lot of story spoilers out there now and fans should do their best to avoid them. You can find some of the information here.

It's pretty great that the developer seems to be very calm about this leak. No information on how the hack occurred has been released, but it seems like CD Projekt Red is embracing this, allowing users to look through the data and warning fans to stay away from the story information. It will be very interesting to see just how close to the finished product all of these images and maps actually are.


The next Legend of Zelda may not be entirely single player. Speaking to Game Informer (and found by IGN) about the release of Hyrule Warriors, developer Eiji Aonuma was asked whether the two player aspect of the game will also be apparent in other games in the franchise. Being as coy as ever, Aonuma stated that the two player in Hyrule Warriors fits well due to the nature of the game, but there may be something in the future to announce. 

This is very interesting. It seems like so much is changing for the franchise with this next release already, so adding in co op just seems like too much, especially when you take into account the open world nature of the next title. However, I don't think it would be asking too much to see some sort of online interactivity, similar to what is in Dark Souls or Watch_Dogs.

Number THREE!!!

Oculus has picked up another company to help with it's VR headset. Carbon Design Group, the consultant group that helped Microsoft design the Xbox 360 controller, has been bought to be added to the Oculus Rift design team. According to an official blog post, Carbon has "been working with Carbon for nearly a year on multiple unannounced projects." Carbon Design's creative director Peter Bristol is excited about the move, stating "we’re on the cutting edge of defining how virtual reality looks, feels, and functions."

This is not a bad move, considering how clunky the Oculus Rift looks and feels compared to Sony's Morpheus. It seems that competition is inspiring both companies to start pulling out big things to ensure the future success of each product. I really want to see how Carbon changes the design of Oculus Rift compared to the Morpheus.

Number FOUR!!!!

Google has announced a new Android OS for the living room that will allow Android games to be played on the big screen. The Android TV has been announced today, giving developers more powerful processing and tool sets to deliver better looking games and also allows developers to ship to Android set top boxes, such as Razer's new micro console

This is very interesting news, as it means Google is pushing to make Android a real competitor for living room space. Despite other manufacturers trying to use the Android platform, there hasn't been any real success. Google seems to think the next OS battlefield will be the living room, and rather than wait for iOS to take on gaming, it seems like Google is firing the first shots.

Also, here's a short list of pretty self explanatory stories that are still worth noting:

  • Destiny Alpha statistics have been released, including kills and weapon stats. 
  • Civilization Revolution is getting a mobile sequel.
  • Resogun local co-op update is out now.
  • The Crew beta starts next month. Sign up here.
  • Last of Us Remastered bundle for PS4 leaked.
  • Arkham Knight PS4 exclusive content detailed.
  • Metro Redux gets a release date.
  • Peggle 2 DLC is out.
  • Road Not Taken has a release date.
  • Platinum Games is working on a Legend of Korra game for home consoles.
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