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Gamer's Source 5/14/2014 - 5/15/2014

Welcome to another Gamer's Source, your destination for gaming stories and information. Microsoft dropping the Kinect may make it more powerful and Far Cry 4 has been confirmed! So, without further ado, the news:


The dropping of Kinect may not just be for a price drop on Xbox One. Speaking to Polygon, corporate vice president of devices and studios Yusuf Mehdi hinted at the drop of Kinect may also increase power of the console. "We are in discussions with our game publishers about what we might do in this space and we will have more to talk about soon," said Mehdi, talking about the infrastructure of the Xbox One and the processing set aside specifically for Kinect. 

This may finally shut up haters who keep pointing to the Xbox One having smaller fidelity than PS4 versions of the same game. However, I see it being a problem if the game is being made for Xbox One, but has to deal with two different versions: one for Kinect holders that require that extra processing power and one for Kinect-less customers. It would seem really silly to go back on the requirement for this peripheral and then punish those who buy it by giving them a lesser version of a game. 


Speaking of the changes to Xbox, the company will offer refunds to consumers who have bought Xbox Live Gold for use of the streaming services such as Netflix. Any member who purchases the Xbox Live membership before June may get a refund equivalent to the remaining time left on said membership. The requests must be made before August 31st and will take six to eight weeks to process. 

This is pretty awesome. Honestly, I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop since Microsoft announced these changes to the Xbox Live service, but seeing this shows I was nervous for nothing. Good call Microsoft.

Number THREE!!!

Far Cry 4 has been confirmed! Just as rumored earlier this year, the game will take place in the Himalayas, in a fictional region named Kyrat. Kyrat is ruled by a self-proclaimed king. The game will release on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC in November.

Number FOUR!!!!

Nintendo is going to be in yet another lawsuit. Philips, the Dutch technology company, is suing the game company for infringement on two patents: one for the "Virtual Body Control Device" and the other being the "User Interface System Based on Pointing Devices". The Wii Remote Plus Controller, Wii, Wii Mini and Wii U all infringe on these patents. Philips looks to get compensation from all of these products.

Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo. What is going on over there? This is the third lawsuit in about a year and a half. Somehow, I don't think that infringing on patents to make cheaper consoles will help you keep those profits in the long run. This can not be good news for Nintendo's CEO, especially after the company announced that it will be at a loss for the third year in a row.  

And of course, here is a list of interesting news stories from the past few days:
  • The Division has been dropped from 2014 release schedule.
  • MLB The Show 2014 best in the franchise to date.
And that's all. As usual, post some comments down below. I'd love to hear your thoughts on a more powerful Xbox One now that Kinect is not forced on consumers or how you feel about Far Cry 4. Don't forget to share this link with your friends and family who want to keep up with the gaming news. And finally, as always, keep the conversation going. 

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