Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Treasure Trove - Pokemon Yellow

Welcome back, Treasure Seekers. Every other week you can find a new underrated or lesser known game to learn about here on Treasure Trove. This week is kind of a cheat, because Pokemon Yellow is SUPER well known. But, never the less, it begs to be talked about, seeing as it's being re-released on 3DS this week! Of all the Pokemon games out there, this title is probably the most looked over, unless you were playing it during it's initial release. So, let's talk about why Pokemon Yellow is the best of the original GameBoy monster collecting games

Thanks to Konrad "FeniX" Gadzina and Cleyton R. Xavier for the music in this episode and Kenney for the minimal artwork for the logos. Head over to their links to check out more of their great work.

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