Monday, July 23, 2012

Resistance Makes it's Vita Premier with Mixed Results

Quick Note: The game is just mediocre. Resistance is a franchise that built itself as a unique, atmospheric experience and crazy weaponry. This game is lacking in almost every aspect of this and shows itself as a generic, run in the mill shooter.

The Vita is the first hand held with two joy sticks and with that announcement shooter gamers rejoiced! Unfortunately, it looks to be a rocky climb to the top of the game mountain. As a game, it is feasible. However, it's just missing that spark that makes Resistance such an interesting franchise.

The story takes place in between the first two and follows Tom Riley as New York City is invaded. After finding out his family is in danger, Riley takes up arms to help fight the invasion of the Chimera. The story is traditional, with no real twists and unfortunately is very boring. Even the typical story boards that have moved the story along in past Resistance games are pixelated and just down right ugly. Not only that, but though the Vita puts out a lot of graphical power, the over all graphical quality of the game is sub par, with boring character models and even more boring environments. The sound is typical to any shooter, with decent voice acting.

The gameplay is OK, but it's not solid. The aiming isn't as tight as it should be, and though it could do a lot worse. The weapon variety is pretty good, but the lack of ammo per weapon forces the player to only utilize either the ammo only on the ground or the ammo the enemy is using, which forces the player to use specific weapons rather than use the strategy he/she would like to use. Then there are the touch screen controls. Mapping all secondary fire, grenade launches and melee to the touch screen often causes the player to launch a grenade on accident, and having to pull the grenade to the center causes issues with movement. Over all the touch controls are just sloppy and take away from the game.

Multiplayer is solid, but limited. With time it can probably grow, but with only 4 on 4 with wifi access, it leaves much to be desired.

I really wanted to like this game. I love the universe that is Resistance, but this game is just generic. There is a small part of the Resistance soul in here, just buried deep down.

6.5 out of 10

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