Friday, July 20, 2012

inFamous Dresses Up for Halloween and Wins the Costume Contest

Quick Note: This is inFamous lite. It's a quick romp through the world of inFamous 2, showing off Cole and his abilities while making a quick story. Every aspect that makes inFamous great is available, and with trophy hunting the game will take between 2 and 6 hours to play and is only $10.

As technology gets cheaper, it becomes increasingly easier to utilize it to reach a larger audience. This is why cell phones are becoming the most popular medium for game designers, even slowly pulling in large studios like Epic. The three major console companies are starting to get wise to the act and are starting to introduce their own brand of quick to play, short to last and enjoyable download games. With this movement, Sucker Punch has decided to throw it's fighter into the ring and introduces inFamous: Festival of Blood, a quick stand alone game based in the inFamous universe.

The story involves Zeke, the main character Cole's best friend, telling a story about Cole being infected by the vampire Bloody Mary and his one night to escape his curse. As the story moves forward, Cole is getting closer to sun rise when his curse will become permanent.It's perfect in that it is a little silly, but works well with both the inFamous world as well as with the Halloween theme (the time in which the game was originally released). The story also requires very little back story to figure out what's going on, so it's a great jumping point for newcomers to see if they would like inFamous.

The game is a stand alone game, meaning that the inFamous 2 disk is not required to play the game.

The combat is quick, coming from the inFamous 2 game play. Players utilize shot gun style sweeps, electric grenades and simple shots with an over the shoulder aiming system. However, the customization that was built up in inFamous 2 is dropped for a simple level up system. The more the player finds hidden blood jars left by Bloody Mary, the more powers are unlocked for Cole to use. It works well for the short game, but if you're too quick at finding the jars you feel too powerful too quickly.

Health has also changed. Though Cole can recharge with electricity, he is also now a vampire which requires that he feeds on human blood. This also takes away the morality split that the main stay games have, which is slightly frustrating because once you beat the game there is no reason to go back and play.

The graphics are the same as inFamous 2, with a large city full of detail and wonder. Though the game takes place at night only, the city is vibrant and full of life and color as everyone celebrates the nigh of All Hallows Eve. It makes it such a wonder for the eyes and helps bring out the supernatural theme with vampires and over all makes it feel like a different game than inFamous 2, even though the locales are the same. The comic presentation style for cut scenes and works even better in this contex, as Zeke is explaining the story using a comic book. So the style is great on multiple levels.

The music is similar in style to the first two games, however with a far more subtle use of stringed instruments. It's haunting and exciting at the same time and helps build the aesthetic of the Halloween night. The other sound effects are all the same as previous games and the voice acting is pretty solid.

All in all, the game is a great deal. For $10, any newcomers can take a peak into why inFamous has grown such a large fan base over the years. For players who have delved in and want more, this is a great quick fix until the announcement of inFamous 3.

8.5 out of 10

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